Double Car Garage Door

Homeowners who wish to get a double car garage door for Toronto installations may turn to our company. Those who already use a double garage door can rely on our team for repairs & services in Toronto, Ontario.

Toronto Garage Door Repair is a full-service company – hence, ready to cover all needs. Our experience makes a difference, we assure you. Also, the rates are fair. And you get solutions to your particular needs swiftly. If you need service or are interested in installing two-car garage doors, Toronto experts are at your disposal.

Get a double car garage door & Toronto installation

Double Car Garage Door Toronto

We can provide a double car garage door to Toronto residents who schedule installation. To do everything correctly right off the bat, we primarily send a tech to measure and listen to your needs. They also offer an estimate for the double car garage door installation.

A typical double car garage door measures 7 or 8 feet in height and 16 or 18 feet in width. Such dimensions leave room for two cars or larger vehicles and motorcycles. Anything beyond such sizes is considered a custom garage door. Since double garage doors are heavy, we focus on the parts too – from the hardware and tracks to the opener, ensuring they are suitable to support the weight.

Double car garage doors are made of any material and any style. They can be insulated and may have windows. There are choices at all levels – features, aesthetics, function, and more. You get exactly what you need and like and, more importantly, are certain of the seamless installation of the new double car garage door.

For double garage doors, repairs and services

Let’s assume for a minute that you already have a double garage door in your Toronto house. In this case, you can trust us for its replacement, maintenance, repairs, and upgrades. In other words, you can count on our service team no matter what you need.

The key factor is experience. Double car garage doors are heavy and so they must have the appropriate parts that will support their load. No wonder all techs assigned to repair double garage doors bring suitable replacement parts with them. Our company is experienced with two-car garage doors & all services. What’s equally vital is the fact that we are ready to serve and cover all needs. No need to worry anymore about the existing door. And if you want a new double car garage door, Toronto’s most experienced team is ready to serve above your expectations.

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